The Anglia Group


** Please note that there is a fraudulent website www.machinery-systems-ltd operating as Machinery Systems Ltd and using our details - THIS COMPANY HAS NO CONNECTION WITH THE ANGLIA GROUP WHATSOEVER! **

The Anglia Group is a diverse group of companies that operate primarily in the industrial sector

The Areas of operation include the following :

ASSET MANAGEMENT- we are one of the leading UK auction and valuation businesses for industrial equipment marketing and disposal through CJM Asset Management, Machinery Systems, Machine Trading International.

CJM Asset Management is a member of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors - visit their website

MANAGEMENT SERVICES - we are providers of Interim Management and Consultancy services to business through Pivot Business Management .

MBI INVESTMENTS - we facilitate Acquisitions and Structuring of  Management Buy-In Investments including VC and Private Equity Funding - We have several companies in our current portfolio


The initial operation covered by Anglia Group goes back to the early 1980’s which was acquired through an MBO/MBI structured deal in 1993 by the present Chairman, Michael Cole.

The original focus on Machine Tool trading and Auction Sales of Machinery Systems Ltd and Machine Trading International Ltd has been expanded to one the UK’s leading asset management businesses through CJM Asset Management with an impressive client list including major international organisations.  CJM is a member of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors and offers complete project management of disposal programmes within all Health & Safety requirements.

Additionally, the Group developed its management services business through Pivot Business Management providing interim management and consultancy candidates for industry through the principal’s own specialism, offering short-term or long term role filling at senior management and Board level.

Anglia also engages in supporting suitable MBI projects as investments, capitalising on talented management and teams by helping identify target businesses and structuring suitable finance.



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