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December 2017 - February 2019

Health  Made Easy Group, on the growth platform of Tree of Life Ltd followed through its M&A activities completing the acquisition of Higher Nature Ltd, a leading VMS brand in December 2017, Peppersmith, a new dental care confectionary range in August 2018 and The Health Store Ltd in August 2018.  THS was No.3 in the health food distribution business in the UK and added to TOL as No. 1 provides synergy benefits to enhance returns and service levels to trade and consumers.  HME Group is a powerhouse for health and nutrition with wide product reach, owned brands and major consolidation benefits and distribution into all trade sectors.

November 2015 - November 2017

BOD Group decided to sell the Petty Wood business to its management team in an MBO structure completing in November 2015 - Petty Wood is to celebrate 200 years anniversary in 2016.  Michael Cole sold his shareholding in Petty Wood and retained Tree of Life business where he holds majority shareholding and remains as Chairman.

The resulting business of TOL through substantial growth formed the base for Health Made Easy Group and further targeted M&A activity.


December 2013 - October 2014

 Brands of Distinction Group  undertook a reorganisation in December 2013 under Michael Cole's chairmanship to focus on its two main business units - Petty Wood & Co Ltd, headed by CEO, John Potter and Tree of Life Ltd, headed by CEO, John Weaver.

Each business unit is a leader in its field and is set up to capitalise on this and future development opportunities in high quality food and healthy eating sectors.  Significant investment in resources has taken place to support product innovation and service efficiencies.  Strategic M&A is also seen as scope for expansion in UK/Ireland, Mainland Europe and wider export markets.  Worldwide sourcing is also a key element to the Group's success.

BOD business now handles sales of around £125m pa with increased profitability.


 Tree of Life Ltd business was acquired by Brands of Distinction in 2011 in an all share deal from the previous owners Royal Wessanen - a Dutch multinational.  TOL is the leading distributor of healthy eating and nutritional products in the UK and operates from a new 85K sq ft site in Staffordshire with current  sales of around £38m pa.  Funding was provided by the shareholders and through its bankers HBOS.

BOD business now handles sales of around £125m pa with increased profitablility.


Michael Cole led the acquisition in 2009 in an MBI of Pasta King (UK) Ltd,a provider of pasta based meals to schools and other food service sectors backed by NBGI Private Equity and debt finance by HSBC Leveraged Finance (South West) - he was Chairman from 2009 to 2014.

In November 2011Tasties sandwich business was acquired in an all share purchase deal.  Tasties based in Chester, was integrated into the PK offering.

The company subsequently reorganised its banking and management structure and is subject to further potential changes through NBGI Private Equity and its ownership by Bank of Greece and the issues being faced in 2015.


Brands of Distinction Ltd and Petty, Wood Ltd was acquired by an MBI structured purchase in July 2007 by a management team headed by Michael Cole, Chairman and Mike Hogg, CEO and supported by Five Corporate Finance.

The Company is a leading distributor and Brand Marketeer of food and related products and owners of the EPICURE brand.  It’s current turnover is approximately £50m per annum and it employs 110 staff with distribution capability across the UK, Ireland and Europe.  Petty Wood will celebrate 200 years in 2016.

Growth potential and brand developments are rated highly and the Company has an excellent, well balanced portfolio of principals and a focused and motivated work team.

The Company acquired Food Sales Ltd with offices in Scotland and Uttoxeter, Staffordshire which added additional major brands and new distribution channels and sectors to its portfolio.  The acquisition was completed in May 2009 in an all share purchase.  The sales value controlled by Food Sales is approximately £34.5m per annum.  All staff were retained and it is noted that this acquisition forms part of the longer term strategic development plans for Brands of Distinction Group.

Burnt Sugar has a range of high quality and mainly Fair Trade compliant products in delicious confectionary, including Crumbly Fudge, Honeycomb, Chocolate and Toffee products.  The company won The Grocer's Best Confectionary Award 2008 and was acquired in 2009 by Brands of Distinction Group.


Brambles Food Group Ltd was sold to Adelie Holdings (to compliment Food Partners) in a deal worth £22m in 2007, representing an attractive earnings multiple.

The Company is a leading supplier of sandwich and snack foods, mainly to the food service sector and was headed by Michael Cole as Chairman and Howard Farquhar as CEO.

Brambles was purchased in 2003 as an MBI deal supported by NBGI Private Equity.  The business grew its sales by around 3 times and substantially increased profitability.  It acquired a bolt-on business to increase capacity with a London production site to coordinate with the original Middlesbrough site.